Back in Motion

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Back-in-motion offers chiropractic treatment in the heart of Lewes. Gitte and Derek are passionate about helping those who come to their welcoming and friendly clinic.

What can chiropractic help you with?

  • Acute and chronic low back pain

  • Mechanical neck pain

  • Migraine

  • Neck related headaches

  • Extremity joint conditions

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Tennis elbow

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis

  • Sciatica

What happens at your first visit to a chiropractor?

Firstly chiropractor will ask you questions related to your complaint along with a general background of your medical history.

Secondly a very thorough examination is done which includes the whole of the spine and relevant joints as well as muscles, ligaments and the nervous system. This is so we have as much information as possible to make the correct diagnosis.

The chiropractor will explain the diagnosis to you in detail and suggest a treatment plan. If the chiropractor can’t help with your problem you will usually be referred to your GP, or for further tests, such as X-ray’s, MRI or laboratory tests.

Treatment often starts on the first visit, depending on your symptoms and presentation.

Your first appointment will take about 45 minutes, subsequent visits are scheduled for 15 minutes.

How long does it take to get better?

Some problems resolve very quickly with treatment. Sometimes it may take some time for your problem to improve, as it depends on the injury type, how long you have had the symptoms, your age and the type of work and lifestyle you lead.

Do I need to be referred by my GP or specialist?

As chiropractic is a private health care option, you do not need a referral. However, if you are using private health care insurance to pay for the treatment you may need a letter from your GP or specialist to be covered. Check with your insurance company for further details. Back in Motion Chiropractic Clinic is recognised by all main insurance companies.